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Welcome to Strength Therapy! Meet your coaches!

Adelina Canolli

My name is Adelina Canolli and I’ve been a full time personal trainer for 5 years. I was inspired to become a personal trainer and change people lives when I made the decision to change mine.
I started my personal training career 35 pounds heavier with no idea what I was doing. Learning from multiple mentors, gaining hours and hours of hands on experience, I fell in love with something that I knew was my calling all along.

I am a certified personal trainer with ISSA and I hold two advanced certifications through ISSA which are, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I have a background in bodybuilding, competition preparation, pre and post natal work, various types of training styles (HIIT, cycle, booty/core specific) but have fallen in love with the manual therapy side of fitness.

My motivation behind opening strength therapy was to build an environment that reflects my simple and synergistic approach to training along with proper corrective principles that address any muscular imbalances that are found.

I strive for getting people out of pain and discomfort – becoming one with your body and learning how to feel optimal day in and day out!
I’m excited to work with you hands on to get you feeling & looking your absolute best!

Chase Ruhmann

Howdy, my name is Chase Ruhmann. I am partial owner and full-time coach at Strength Therapy. Born and raised in Texas, I like my weights heavy, my steak medium rare, and my margaritas frozen. I have been a full-time personal trainer since 2015. It has been an interesting journey full of education, learning from mistakes, and enjoying life along the way. As a twenty-two-year-old, I begin this career because I could not see myself working a “regular job” and I thought I knew a thing or two about getting in shape. After all, by that point I had overcame the unfortunate plight of childhood obesity and began to build a little bit of muscle. People at the gym began to notice and a few bros even started asking me for advice, so I decided why not give personal training a shot. Fast forward through hundreds of clients and two different employments at public gyms, I had been exposed to all different types of training modalities and philosophies. I have now trained people for strength, muscle/bone density gain, sports performance, and fat loss. I have trained people from all different age demographics and physical capacities. I have trained them online and face to face.  Nothing refines a professional quite like occupational experience and continuously striving to improve at your craft.

It was not until 2019 that I found my passion in the barbell strength training modality. This was, of course, brought on by my exposure to Starting Strength. I was hooked instantly. Finally, everything had a logical explanation and it all made sense. I now had concrete rationale and practical processes to refer to when approaching exercise programming not only for myself, but for my clients. I love making my clients stronger because strength has lasting value way beyond the superficial aspects of fitness. Strength is the basis for each individual’s interaction with their physical environment. Barbells are so diverse. They help young men grow up to be big and strong, they help moms become their strongest most confident self, and they even keep grandparents out of rest homes by restoring physical independence. If you can’t tell, I take great pride and pleasure in being your strength coach!

In June 2020, Adelina and I opened Strength Therapy in Colleyville, Texas. This place is our baby. We both worked in a public gym for 4-5 years and this has always been our dream. We love our clients, so the level of service that owning our own private training studio empowers us to provide to them has been the best part. If you are serious about learning and making a lasting change that can positively impact your health and well-being for the long term, I would love to be your coach.

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